The Okhotnikov Company Analyzed The Situation With Alexei Navalny

Description: │Alexei Navalny and Satoshi Nakamoto are two fighters against the centralization of power │ Vladimir Okhotnikov on libertarianism and decentralization as a panacea against totalitarianism │

Title: Vladimir Okhotnikov about what Alexei Navalny and Satoshi Nakamoto have in common

In an article published on the pages of University of Cincinnati, analysts from the Okhotnikov company assessed the role played in world history by two iconic figures — Russian opposition leader Аlexei Navalny, who recently died in prison, and the developer of the global plan to escape from a financial concentration camp, Satoshi Nakamoto. A comparison of these figures, albeit different at first glance, clearly shows the problems faced by those who challenge the system of total regulation.

In the article, the Okhotnikov company, represented by its founder Vladimir Okhotnikov, assessed the role of Navalny’s personality in modern history. The experts first reminded the reader of what kind of person he was and then moved on to analyze what happened.

The authors recalled that Navalny’s rapidly growing popularity was ensured by investigations regularly published on YouTube, exposing various crimes committed by the Russian government. In 2013, Navalny became so popular that he took second place in the election for mayor of Moscow, despite all the alleged fraud in counting votes.


Over time, many Russian oligarchs, security officials, officials, former Russian President Medvedev, and, finally, Putin himself became involved in Navalny’s plots. The result was obvious: they tried to poison Alexei, as if in a Bond film, but unsuccessfully. Under pressure from Western countries, he was taken to Germany in an unconscious state for treatment.

Having recovered, Alexey decided to take the fateful step — to return to Russia to continue the fight for human rights there. The result was his immediate arrest, prison, and death in the Arctic Circle on February 16, 2024.

Analyzing Navalny’s fate in the context of complex geopolitical realities, Mr. Okhotnikov says that he was a controversial figure:

“Navalny has evolved for a long time, so he is a contradictory personality. One thing is certain: he never put personal interests above what he considered fair.”


The article also touches on Navalny’s conditions of detention in prison and highlights many of his ideas and desires from the last months of his life.

Further, Vladimir drew parallels between Navalny’s samurai self-denial and Satoshi Nakamoto’s libertarian revolution in 2009. According to the expert, Satoshi’s creation—no matter who was hiding behind this pseudonym—opened up a way out of the financial trap in which any respectable citizen of Western democracies found himself.

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