Evaluating the Success Rates of Romantic Cruises for Singles Seeking Partners

Cruises came roaring back after the pandemic, setting records both in terms of the number of passengers and attracting younger hopefuls. According to 2024 data from Business Insider, 69% of people between 18 and 24 years of age are interested in going on a cruise, the highest number in all age groups. However, more than 50% of cruise ship travelers are aged 20 to 59. This post dispels common myths about romantic cruises and presents relevant success rates.

A Romantic Cruise Doesn’t Have To Be An Endless Party

Cruise ships offer thousands of options, and you can choose whatever fits your notion of romance. There are ships of different sizes and with different amenities. Ultimately, you can stay in your cabin if you don’t feel like socializing.

Romantic cruise ships have pools, adult-only areas, spas, Jacuzzis, etc. The Virgin cruise line is geared toward adults. It is one of several franchises that offers unique features like child-free cruises. There are even adult-themed cruises available for nudists, swingers, etc. You can enjoy a wide range of events with plenty of opportunities for casual dating and partying if that’s what you’re looking for.

A singles cruise doesn’t have to be a non-stop party. Most people prefer a balanced experience. They want to go to some events, but they also want to relax and do nothing occasionally. 

The Majority Of Travelers Are Looking For Love 

An Ambassador Cruise line survey of 2,000 people in the UK found that 89% wanted to travel solo, with 66% seeking partners while on holiday. Still, 48% of those surveyed said they didn’t feel confident that they would find love.

  Younger people were less confident, with the 25-34 age group being the least confident bracket. Interestingly, people over 55 were the most confident.

The Atmosphere On Board Is Conducive To Finding Love 

Some people hesitate to book a romantic cruise because they don’t want to be stuck in awkward social situations. While this is a natural reaction, they need to realize that everyone on board is in the same situation, and only the extremely confident will feel at ease. 

You’d be surprised how quickly you’ll get to know your fellow passengers. Cruise organizers set up things to make meeting others as easy as possible. You can always retreat to your cabin if your social battery drains. Most people find that their minds are put to rest soon after being onboard the ship. 

Notably, confidence in traveling alone increases with age. Just 2% of 45-54-year-olds fear loneliness while on holiday, compared to 12% of 18-24-year-olds.

Singles On Romantic Cruises Have A Lot In Common

You might worry that there won’t be many opportunities to find like-minded people because the number of travelers on singles cruises is relatively limited. However, you already have something in common: they decided to go on the same vacation.

You will soon find that you have quite a bit in common with at least some of the passengers. What’s more, the number of travelers isn’t that limited: there was a 36% increase in solo cruises in 2023. While that doesn’t mean you’ll find the One and be together forever – there’s never a guarantee – you’re going to meet interesting people and enjoy yourself on the ship.

The Bottom Line On Cruise Success Rates

So, how likely is someone to find love on a romantic cruise? One report revealed that of 58 couples who met on a ship and eventually got married, two ended up getting divorced. This comes to 3.4% compared to the world divorce rate average of 18%. The reason for the low rate could be that you get to know someone very quickly on a ship. You see them very often, and you’re able to make quick and more accurate judgments on compatibility. Having met on a ship, you’ve already overcome most of the hurdles people face in relationships